Global Bluetech Summit


Taking place in the iconic Williamsburg Bank Building in Brooklyn, the conference will shine a spotlight on the cutting-edge innovation in this dynamic, emerging industry.

The Weylin
175 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211


October 9th - 10th


Our Theme:
Next Generation Bluetech


This year's theme, "Next Generation Bluetech," will organize the event around forward-looking strategies and new paradigms of innovation where technology meets the ocean. Sessions will feature top executives from some of the largest and most important organizations in the sector to discuss a wide range of urgent topics including the decarbonization of shipping, smart ports and urban waterfronts, advances in aquaculture, enabling technology for offshore wind, maritime cyber-security, solutions to the problem of ocean plastics, and ocean-centric approaches to combating climate change.

The event will also include presentations from some of the hottest startups working to solve the industry's thorniest problems, and perspectives from the investment community on financing new ventures and projects.

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Victor Vescovo

Investor & creator,
Five Deeps Expedition

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Founder, Ocean Collectiv

Vikki Spruill

CEO, New England Aquarium

David Benzaquen

CEO, Ocean Hugger Foods

Wenche Grønbrekk

Senior Advisor, Sustainable Ocean Business, UN Global Compact

Tero Hottinen

Director Of Emerging Business, Cargotec

Mike Doenges

Global Business Development, Cisco

Margaret Mistry

Strategy & Innovation, Equinor

Frohman Anderson III

Managing Partner, Everhope Capital

Matt Heider

CEO, Nautilus Labs

Danielle Joseph

Investment Officer, Closed Loop Partners

Rolando Morillo

SVP Equity & ESG Management, Rockefeller Capital Management

Vesa Koivumaa

Business Development Director, Marine at Wärtsilä

Laurent Develle

Attorney-at-law, Froriep

Ronny Waage

Founder and Managing Director, Heron Advisory

Kelly Lucas

Director, Cochran Marine Aquaculture Center, USM




Executives, innovators, and business development teams from companies working at the intersection of technology and the oceans; venture capital and private equity investors, ocean and innovation-focused foundations; bluetech startups of all stripes; organizations focused on ocean sustainability and conservation.


We will have opportunities throughout the event to include new ventures, young companies and bluetech innovators. If you think you might be a fit:

For information about speaking at the event, please contact Alissa.

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Our Sponsors & Partners


We also have a wide range of high-impact sponsorship opportunities for this event.  If you are interested in sponsoring the Global Bluetech Summit, please contact David.


Summit Host:


SeaAhead is a Benefit Corporation with the mission of supporting new venture development at the intersection of innovation + sustainability + the oceans. Our ecosystem includes technologists, scientists, startups, corporations, governments and other ocean stakeholders that are coming together to create impact in areas including greener shipping and ports, aquaculture and fishery processes, offshore alternative energy and smart cities.